Things to do in New Buffalo, MI

Choose Chad Team May 10, 2024

Situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, New Buffalo, MI offers an array of activities and attractions for visitors seeking a memorable getaway. From beachfront relaxation to exploring downtown shops and enjoying local cuisine, New Buffalo provides something for everyone. Whether you're a nature lover, a food enthusiast, or simply looking for a laid-back retreat, this guide will introduce you to the diverse experiences waiting to be discovered in this charming lakeside town. Explore the countless things to do in New Buffalo, MI, and make the most of your visit to this hidden gem on the lake.

New Buffalo Beach

Kick off your New Buffalo adventure with a visit to the town's crown jewel – New Buffalo Beach. Stretching along the Lake Michigan shoreline, this pristine sandy beach offers the perfect setting for a day of sun, sand, and surf. Lounge on the shore and soak up the sunshine, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Michigan or stroll along the picturesque shoreline as waves gently lap at the shore. With its breathtaking views and tranquil atmosphere, New Buffalo Beach is a must-visit destination for beachgoers of all ages.

Four Winds Casino New Buffalo

For those feeling lucky, a visit to Four Winds Casino New Buffalo promises excitement and entertainment. Situated just minutes from downtown, this sprawling casino resort offers a wide range of gaming options, including slots, table games, and poker. Test your luck on the casino floor, enjoy live entertainment at the venue's bars and lounges, or indulge in a gourmet meal at one of the onsite restaurants. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or just looking for a fun night out, Four Winds Casino New Buffalo offers an unforgettable gaming experience in the heart of New Buffalo.

New Buffalo Railroad Museum

Step back in time and discover the rich history of New Buffalo at the New Buffalo Railroad Museum. Housed in a historic train depot, this museum showcases exhibits detailing the town's railroad heritage, including vintage locomotives, railroad artifacts, and interactive displays. Explore restored train cars, learn about the role of the railroad in shaping New Buffalo's development, and marvel at the craftsmanship of steam-era machinery. With its fascinating exhibits and hands-on activities, the New Buffalo Railroad Museum offers a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Oselka's Snug Harbor Marina

Experience the beauty of Lake Michigan up close with a visit to Oselka's Snug Harbor Marina. Located on the shores of the Galien River, this full-service marina offers boat rentals, fishing charters, and waterfront dining options. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and explore the tranquil waters of the river, embark on a fishing excursion in search of trophy trout and salmon, or simply relax and enjoy a meal with a waterfront view at the marina's onsite restaurant. Whether you're an experienced boater or a novice angler, Oselka's Snug Harbor Marina provides the perfect opportunity to experience the natural beauty of New Buffalo's waterways.

Turtle Creek Preserve

Escape the hustle and bustle of town and reconnect with nature at Turtle Creek Preserve. This scenic nature preserve offers miles of hiking trails winding through lush forests, meadows, and wetlands. Lace up your hiking boots and explore the preserve's diverse ecosystems, keeping an eye out for native wildlife such as deer, foxes, and migratory birds. Take in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape from scenic overlooks, or enjoy a leisurely picnic amidst the serene surroundings. With its peaceful atmosphere and abundant natural beauty, Turtle Creek Preserve is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by outdoor enthusiasts.

Elsie Earl Studios

Immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene of New Buffalo with a visit to Elsie Earl Studios. Founded by local artist Elsie Earl, this charming gallery showcases a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media artworks created by Earl and other local artists. Browse the gallery's rotating exhibits, attend an art workshop or demonstration, or simply chat with the artists and learn about their creative process. With its welcoming atmosphere and eclectic array of artwork, Elsie Earl Studios offers a unique cultural experience in the heart of downtown New Buffalo.

Unveiling the Charms of New Buffalo, MI

From sandy beaches and cultural landmarks to outdoor adventures and artistic pursuits, New Buffalo, MI, offers many experiences waiting to be discovered. Whether you're seeking relaxation, entertainment, or exploration, this charming lakeside town promises something for everyone. So pack your bags, hit the road, and prepare to uncover the hidden treasures of New Buffalo. With many things to do in New Buffalo, MI, visitors will surely find endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation along the shores of Lake Michigan.

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